Anti-Attack glass

Anti-invasion glass is a kind of security glass that is used to enhance safety, prevent and delay robbery. This glass is a laminated glass that, in spite of its special Talc in its structure, prevents impact penetration and prevents the formation opening in the glass. The glass is formed with various layers and thicknesses depending on the degree of safety expected. The function of these glasses is that the glass is crushed after the impact on the outer layer. The underlying layer, which is the same special Talc (PVB), absorbs energy of the impact with its high adhesion properties and expands rapidly on its surface. Thus, in case of glass breakage, this kind of glass makes the pieces of glass do not fall and remain integrated on the surface (PVB).

Features and capabilities

  • Performing an Axe Test using a specific machine in accordance with BSEN356: 1999 and DIN52290 standards
  • Ability to produce glasses with different Resistances in terms of axe hits
  • Ability to produce glasses in various dimensions, flat and curved
  • Ability to produce glasses Anti-Attack glass with bullet-proof ability (in designated class)
  • Good and clear view without distortion and green Halo due to increased thickness and number of layers.

Technical Specifications


• Military centers with high safety levels

• Business centers

• Hotels

• Sensitive centers such as prisons and detention centers

• Banks

• Exchanges and Jewelry stores

• A beautiful and resistant alternative to metal fences in various applications