blast resistant glass

When an explosion occurs, the main cause of injury and death is not the force of the blast itself, but flying glass and debris. To counteract this danger, Almas Shishe Jahan Nama produce a range of blast resistant glass solutions intended for use in pre-certified frames. These blast resistant and bomb proof glass panels must be fitted to an appropriate glazing system to be effective, as the glass and the framing system work in tandem to offer maximum protection against injury, even in crowded areas.

Blast resistant glass is constructed using a plastic medium that can remain elastic under pressure load. The glass absorbs and disperses the impact pressure wave whilst and provides retention of broken glass and flying debris.

Therefore, designed to absorb the secondary shock and be retained by the frame at the same time, the special laminate and unique construction of Blast Resistant Glass reduces the possibility of injury from flying shards and debris.

Applications of Blast Resistant Glass

  • Military & Government Installations
  • Rail Stations & Airports
  • Oil & Gas Testing Facilities
  • Embassies
  • Courthouses
  • Commercial Buildings

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