bullet proof glass

Bullet-proof glass is laminated with glass structure and inter layer of PVB type. The number of layers and the thickness of the glass vary depending on the degree of safety. What makes the glass resistance very high and not spraying around in the event of a severe impact is the degree of adhesion of the glass and PVB. The Almas Shishe Jahan Nama Company offers its bullet-proof glass in the market with a valid warranty.

Features and capabilities

  • Tested according to EN1063-NIJ0108.01 standards
  • Protection against UV rays of the sun while passing enough light
  • Ability to design and implement flat and curved glass in different dimensions
  • Ability to produce glass using very clear crystalline glass for Jewelry stores and Exchanges

Technical Specifications


  • Military centers with high sensitivity
  • Jewelry stores
  • Armored cars carrying money and valuable objects
  • Banks and exchanges
  • Museums
  • Ambulances and Firefighting apparatus

It should be noted that the glass used in the bullet-proof and anti-attack glasses can be of very clear crystal type in order to improve the glass's performance to prevent opaque appearance and green Halo on glass due to high thickness. In this type of glass, the presence of lead in crystal glass increases the refractive index of light, and as a result crystal glasses are bright and sparkling. Due to more transparency, this glass is used in jewelry stores and museums.