fireproof glass

Fireproof glass is glass that has a structure that chemically reacts to an elevated temperature. Glass expansion prevents the passage of flame, smoke and reduces heat transfer to the other (protected) side.

We offer a wide range of fire-resistant glass options with varying levels of protection to suit your needs. Protection levels are measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of either integrity and insulation or integrity only, as designated by the European Standards.

Classifications of Fire Resistant Glass

E: Integrity

  • prevent the passage of flames or hot gases
  • prevent the occurrence of flames on the unexposed side.
  • effective and economical protection from flames and smoke
  • no prevent the transmission of heat in the event of a fire


EW: Radiation Control

  • prevent the transmission some heat
  • resistance to flames, hot gases and smoke
  • keeping the amount of radiant heat transfer to below 15 kW/m2
  • assures a reduced passage of thermal radiation


EI: Integrity and Insulation

  • the highest level of protection from flames, smoke and heat.
  • restricting temperature rise
  • Provides a barrier against fire, hot gases and smoke, by creating an additional thermal insulation


Choosing the right specification of fire safety glass can help to ensure you not only meet, but exceed these minimum levels of protection for both people and property.

Our fire glass can prevent flames, radiant heat and fumes from penetrating a building’s protected spaces for up to 180 minutes, aiding safe escape and helping to minimize damage to property.