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About Almas Shishe co

Almas Shishe Jahannama Company has started its activities in 2003 in order to expand the quality of glass production, design and performance. Since establishment, the company has always been working to provide the following facilities and features to provide customer satisfaction:

  • Provide free and technical consultation from our collection expert to customers in order to make products better
  • Establish QC Quality Control Unit
  • Use of the best raw materials in the production of products in accordance with international standards
  • Increasing scientific level to update products by creating a research and development unit (R & D)
  • Utilize creative and experienced staff
  • Delivery of high quality products in the shortest time from production to execution
  • Respect for honesty, satisfaction and respect for customers at any time and place
  • Committed to providing after-sales service at any time.

To this end, the CEO,  after years of experience, utilizing sustainable growth and providing innovative solutions with the participation of its active and creative personnel, implemented an integrated management system based on ISO 9001: 2008 international standards and he has committed itself to meeting the requirements of this standard and it continuous improvement.


  • Design and implementation of various types of building facades (Curtain Wall, Lamel, Frameless, Spider, Composite and ...)
  • Production and implementation of a variety of security glasses (bullet proof, ballistic proof, fireproof, blast resistant glass)
  • Production and installation of different types of structural glass (double-glazed, security, laminate, etc.)
  • Production of all kinds of aluminum doors and windows
  • Designing, producing and executing various glass partitions of Jahannama Glass
    Co., in order to improving the quality of products, meets the standards of the international organization for standardization (ASTM) and guarantees all its products for 5 year.