CEO’s Message

As a leading manufacturer in glass industry, Almas Shishe Jahan Nama Co., is constantly advancing in the field of design capabilities, manufacturing, and execution of structures and glass facades during the last decade. This means that Almas Shishe Jahan Nama continuously tries to maintain its image as a company offering high quality and modern products in glass industry. As a result, today we are dedicated to maintain our reputability and credit more than any time. Innovation in technology, management and values through continuous and unlimited management team's support is the strategy to reach our goals.

Our basic attitude which is meeting the demands of clients, stockholders, employees and society in general, will establish through value-based management, mutual trust and creativity. Our objective is gaining information and up to date knowledge in glass engineering industry through research and development and at the end enjoy the satisfaction of success in running projects.

Our environmental policy ensures that we carry out all our operations in full compliance with the requirements of Integrated Management System (IMS) and applying quality, safety, protection of environment and energy which has improved the performance and applicability in handling projects successfully and working with other companies in this industry. Though, the policy is under continuous review. We believe that we can preserve our leading role moving towards the up to date progress in the global market and like the past we do our best to fulfill the demands of clients and remain their trustworthy source.

Almas Shishe Jahan Nama with 15 years of continuous experience in glass industry and local market, believes that entering Middle East and international market is an essential step in the direction of growing and developing the company. By bringing together recent scientific principles, qualitative standards and guarantee we gain the expertise necessary for entering the global market.

Company managers consider efficiency, continuous improvement and competitive prices as the requirements of being competitive in global market. Thus, Implementing Management Information Systems entails providing maintenance and repairs, automation, validation etc.